Posted by: Chas Emerick | January 12, 2010

Podcast #004: The one where Chas discovers the rimshot effect

Recorded on December 17th, 2009, this episode features Doug Martin, Gerard Gualberto, Michael McIntosh, Michael Klatsky, Joe Brandt, and myself.  There was no specific theme to our conversation that frigid night — just a lot of miscellany.  I hope it’s a good listen!


  • Gerard has been fiddling with Cocoa development, and discovered its GC support in the process
  • “The iPhone has set back the status quo in development environments”…compared to managed platforms like Android, Pre, etc.
  • People are returning to Slashdot, in a common round-robin of social media sites over the years: from Slashdot to digg to reddit/proggit to hackernews, and back to Slashdot.
  • Rants:
    • Getting imaging working in python on the Mac is a PITA
    • Macports is a disaster; “it’s been compiling for hours!”
  • Everyone seems to love the Chrome lately
  • Building webapps on XML using XPath is the best way to minimize database load 😉
  • Why can’t everyone just use webkit, and save us all a lot of time and trouble?
  • Paper vs. ebooks
  • Opinions on the python moratorium
  • Reactions to Snowtide’s sponsorship of Clojure, parallels drawn between Rich Hickey and Guido van Rossum w.r.t. sponsorship
  • Apparently, you can’t be hardcore until you’ve built a lisp in Pascal on your Tandy 1000sx!

Happy (belated) new year, everyone!



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  2. Oh yeah, I have fond memories of building Python, Imaging etc from scratch on OSX… it’s like Linux in 1995. Now you know why I never became a Mac guy 😛

    Python 3 was a mistake… I’ve used it, I like the optional type declarations and the semantic cleanups, but it’s just not different enough from 2.6 to bother. Python needs a radical overhaul or a total replacement. I can wait. Viva la moratorium!

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